The platform


The platform has a simple interface, all its functions have been designed and developed to be as intuitive and easily identifiable as possible. Moreover, thanks to its high level of graphics, it allows the correct display on all types of devices, from smartphones, tablets, to desktop computers.

There is no need for any kind of support or additional program, in fact the platform runs completely using a normal latest generation browser with HTML5 and CCS3 support. It easily connects to the audio and video devices installed on the system without any difficulty.

Used technology

Interface Front-end / Back-end:

PHP, JQuery, AJAX, Websocket, HTML5/CSS3, Boostrap




Each single event can be customized with different graphics and colors for greater involvement of the end user. Furthermore, in addition to the customizable graphic interface, it is possible to reach the platform using the same domain name as the event thanks to the active technical support ready to satisfy and resolve user requests.

Advantages of our platform

High quality

Simple, intuitive, fast and responsive interface to give the best engagement and user experience.


Thanks to a solid and performing infrastructure, the platform achieves high levels in terms of performance response.


Dedicated support active for the entire period of the event ready to satisfy any user’s request.


Thanks to the networking features you can easily contact users within the platform.


High levels of customization allow the user to modify all the graphic elements of the platform.

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